Channel Development and Management in the Software Industry

Using a channel of independent companies to resell, implement and/or service customers has long been a tradition in the history of the software industry. For some software companies the channel has been a major contributor to global success, but for most software companies making it work is a depressing and constant struggle. The objective of the workshop “Channel Development and Management in the Software Industry” is to give software executives an opportunity to review and discuss the issues related to growing local and global market share through a channel of resellers and value added partners.

"We have packed the Channel Development and Management workshop with case stories and practical advice,” says Hans Peter Bech, CEO of TBK Consult and co-instructor. “We are using elements from Osterwalder's Business Model Generation approach to analyse the impact on using a channel on all the other areas of a software business. Our approach is based on the Business Value Proposition for the channel partner and we provide software executives with the tools to apply this approach to their individual situations.”

The workshop introduces The Partner P&L Model, which depicts the business as seen from the partner's viewpoint. The workshop will review which elements to include in the P&L model and how the P&L model is used in the partner recruitment and account management processes. The first workshop, which will be held in Milan, Italy on May 8th 2013, is already fully booked. Interested software executives can join the waiting list. Gianmaria Odello and Hans Peter Bech who both have more than 30 years of experience with building and managing international channels in the software industry facilitate the workshop, which is delivered by TBK Academy®.

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