International Award Winning Pools, Spas, and Water Environments IV Now Available at

Three V Enterprises announces the release of the organization’s latest publication, International Award Winning Pools, Spas, & Water Environments IV, ( available at book stores and from the publisher, .  The fourth in the series from the Las Vegas-based Corporation that hosts the annual GAVA Awards, competition, the full-color, coffee table edition is authored by Joseph A. Vassallo, Mary Vail, and Joseph M. Vassallo.

Over 180 stunning color images will take you through a tour of GAVA (Global AquaTekture Visionary Awards) worthy pool, spa, and water environment concepts from open ranchland to inner city estates, from beach front properties in Australia to a villa in Portugal. The visionaries who created the 66 award-winning projects presented in the book reached past the mundane, the ordinary, or the expected to deliver memorable, distinctive, and noteworthy applications.

The fourth annual water-inspired design competition lured architects, interior designers, builders, and designers from across the globe to share their projects in the hopes of earning a GAVA. Their unique perspectives will have you wondering, “How did they think of that?”  Fulfilling the desires of their clients, designers crafted inspiring settings incorporating design elements such as infinity edges, all-tile interiors, freeform shapes, natural stone, perimeter overflow, acrylic panels, and indoor installation pools. For anyone passionate about residential or commercial AquaTekture, this book will be a treasure trove of inspiration.

The GAVA Gold winning project by Blue Stone Pools in Western Australia captured the coveted front cover of the book with an exquisite geometric design.

The 4th   annual GAVA Awards ( celebrating AquaTekture; the discipline of designing, engineering and erecting of water environments and ancillary components in a harmonious nature with consideration to function, space and aesthetics, was sponsored by Structure Studios, Zodiac Pool Products, Brand, Paramount Pool and Spa Systems, and Pebble Technology, Inc.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-0-7643-4408-4     Size: 11 x 8 ½          Illustrations: 288 color photos

Page Count: 160          Hard Cover          Price: $34.99

Media Note:  Review copies available upon request,

About Three V Enterprises

Three V Enterprises is a corporation devoted to developing platforms to honor, educate and inspire architects, designers, builders, manufacturers, and developers worldwide. 3VE presents the GAVA Awards (Global AquaTekture Visionary Awards), recognizing individuals and companies who have made distinctive strides to further push the creative envelope using water as a main feature in architecture.  or

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Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves - Medium/Yellow

Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves Ultra flexible 4-way stretch spandex
Sonic weld rubber logo for knuckle protection
Clarino palm with strategically positioned internal padding
Injection molded TPR rubber pull tab eases entry
Airprene wrist for a secure, comfortable fit

Price: $30.00

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Italian interior design celebrate Mirò and Picasso

A project that combines the most genuine italian handmade tradition in the field of furniture-making with the personality of a great artistic movement: a limited edition dedicated to those who want to turn their own house into a living work of art. Manufactured, carved and decorated all by hand, here are the dressers that blend baroque and contemporary design: symbiosis design by vazzari

Establishing a connection between the great Italian furniture-making tradition and the greatest personalities of the avant-garde that have marked the history of contemporary art.
A challenge wholeheartedly picked up by "Simbiosi Design", a project by Vazzari that sets out to merge the hallmarks of baroque furnishings and the famous paintings of the most groundbreaking artistic experiences of the Twentieth Century. The goal: to blend the art forms of the past to the present, in perfect symbiosis - as the name suggests.
Thus the Miro and Picasso dressers come into being: limited editions, they are furnishings made entirely by hand by cabinetmakers and carvers of great experience according to the standards of the handicraft production of classic luxury furniture.
The big news is in the trims: instead of resorting to the usual gold and silver leaf finish, which is typical of baroque production, the two dressers are decorated in "May 1968" by Joan Miro or "Le peintre et son modèle" by Pablo Picasso. All of this, once again, is strictly handmade.

The choice fell on these two great artists on the anniversary of their deaths, respectively in 1983 and 1973, while the paintings were selected for their aesthetic value as well as for the profound meanings they convey.
In "May 1968" we find the artistic representation of the slogan "power to imagination" - slogan that has characterized the student riots of 1968, which the painting is dedicated to: the expression of a freedom and a vitality that spill over into colorful blots, sketches, and handprints.
Thus, while young people challenged the paradigms on which contemporary society was based, Miro changed the canons of art: just as the canons of baroque had overhauled those in vogue in their time, marking a decisive turning point from the past.

Along with the paradigm shifts, however, there is also a parallel reflection on the very nature of artistic creation. A return to the very essence of the inspiration and the impulses that drive the painter, the artist, and the man: a reflection carried out with the tip of the paintbrush by Pablo Picasso in his famous "Le peintre et son modèle". Here, in an interplay of volumes - of fullness and hollowness - and colored patterns an unbreakable bond between the painter and the model is created.
Amid the soft curves we see faces, parts of the body, the painter's studio. Yet above all the rest, the eye of the beholder is captivated by the flow of free artistic compulsion that breaks the mold and crashes onto the canvas.

"Symbiosi Design" is a project by Vazzari, a company specialized in the production of luxury classic furniture. Following the footsteps of the great Italian furniture-making, Vazzari offers its worldwide clientele stunning furniture that is made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen.

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Thermos Raya Insulated 9 Can Tote Modern Design

For over 100-year Thermos has been the leading manufacturer of convenient, insulated products. The Raya line of lunch coolers is a perfect combination of fashion and function. Beneath the fun graphic prints and smart stripes is premium IsoTec insulation, which features a layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam positioned between an outer layer of textile and an additional moisture repellant, heat- sealed PEVA lining. Raya coolers and totes are perfect for packing a lunch for the office, or sodas for the beach. Interior and exterior can be wiped clean with a sponge and mild soap. Not for use in the microwave or dishwasher.

Price: $19.99

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Jewellery Labels and Tags. A service by barcode Vault. A unit of Mindware

The range of BARCODE VAULT Jewellery labels and tags are designed to suit a wide variety of jewellery, watches and spectacles etc proper printing of the tags enhancing the readability percentage. Jewellery label is a modernized way to smarten up your jewellery items. It comes for all range of sizes, style, designs and also for all range of colours. We manufacture our Jewelry Labels using high quality polyester paper and further laminate them with a fine transparent coat which helps in the maintenance of the quality of the product. It is normally applied to print out by barcode printer to identify item with price, stone weight, metal weight and so on. The usual shapes of jewellery labels are RAT-TAIL and DUMBELL

Extremely durable and superior quality raw materials are used in making of our jewellery labels and the standard of production is kept high. Exacting specifications to cope with being handled regularly, be cleansed in ultrasonic baths and to withstand the intense heat from window/cabinet lighting, maintaining a professional, consistent, high quality appearance. Our range is available in various standard as well as customized sizes as per the clients’ requirements. Our product is known for their features like Clear-Printing, Non-Rippable, Easy attach ability and long-lasting Jewellery Tag so that the ornament does not get grubby by the adhesive. We strive hard to offer our clients an impeccable range of products. Due to all these features, our tags are used for labeling cost, weights and logo of the company and other details on the jewellery.

Along with Jewellery labels, we the Barcode Vault are leading supplier of Barcode Solutions, RFID Solutions, Data Collection, Smart Cards, Photo-ID Systems and System Integration in India. Under a single corporate umbrella, we provide an array of products and services geared at being the "best in class" for their categories. In order to keep our customers up to date on the most current technology and specifications, Barcode Vault is committed to its involvement in publishing technical books about bar-coding and other similar latest technologies. We are also importers of printers and scanners in India.

We are specialized in manufacturing Rattail Jewellery Tags, Void Jewelry Labels. The Rattail Jewellery Tag is sometimes referred to as a string tag and is quite possibly the most versatile tag design made. The adjustable loop provides you with the flexibility to easily fit chains, bracelets, rings, eye wear and much more! As the manufacturer, we can offer a variety of sizes and materials ranging from industry standard to extra thick to create strong, tear resistant rattail tags. Regardless of your printer brand or model number we have tags that are compatible!

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KAI Texas expands into Atlanta with master planning/urban designer

KAI Texas recently welcomed Chief Planner and urban designer, Herman h. Howard, to their company. Howard, Georgia based architecture specialist before then by Studio H-town, joins the KAI of South East team as Director of planning and urban design.

"This strategic step allows KAI to offer planning services nationwide, as well as create a presence for all existing KAI facilities within the market of Atlanta," says Michael r. Kennedy, CEO of KAI Texas. "In particular, with the acquisition, we can now offer planning through our other offices in St. Louis, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio. We also provide all our existing services to our clients in the region, Atlanta, like architecture, Mep engineering, interior design and project management and construction. "

"Atlanta is a key location because it's not too far from our headquarters in St. Louis, and it enables our company to be presented in the southeastern part of the u.s. from Atlanta we can serve neighbouring countries from South Carolina, Alabama, to northern Florida. This triangle of coverage between Missouri, Texas and Georgia gives us a strong edge in our expansion efforts. "

Prior to joining kai, Howard served as a founding partner, CEO and Chairman of Studio H urban. Before the founding of Studio H urban, he worked for six years at HOK of Atlanta service as principal of the aviation & transport.

Howard holds a master of architecture in the design of the building from Columbia University in New York and a Bachelor of architecture from the University of Southern California. He currently serves as a professor at the Georgia Institute of technology school of architecture and urban design studio and is an academic advisor for student the national organization of minority architects-Atlanta Chapter. He is also a member of the national organization of minority architects and urban land Institute.

About Kai Texas

KAI Texas, LC ( is a Texas corporation headquartered in Dallas, with an additional Office in San Antonio. Founded in 1999 and led by President and Chief Operating Officer Darren l. James, AIA, Kai Texas provides program management, construction management, architecture and mechanical/electrical/Plumbing (EP) engineering and planning services.

Elke Giba


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TurboCAD Designer v20 Download

TurboCAD Designer is easy to use 2D CAD software, perfect for creating precision home plans, technical drawings, illustrations, maps, school projects, flow charts and more. Get productive immediately using the setup wizard, interactive tutorials, and context-sensitive help. Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced modes to quickly access hundreds of 2D drawing, modifying, dimensioning and annotation tools. Then share your work with over 20 popular file formats supported, including AutoCAD DWG/DXF. With all the 2D CAD tools you demand at a great price, it’s no wonder award-winning TurboCAD has been the market leader in consumer-friendly CAD for over a decade.

Price: $39.99

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Lazerwood Collaborates with Rex Ray on Exclusive iPhone Covers

Lazerwood Industries, a fully integrated design- build studio, produces wood accessories that enhance a broad range of electronic devices. Lazerwood is expanding its Artist Series line of iPhone covers with four exclusive designs from San Francisco based artist, Rex Ray (

Rex Ray's bold color palette and textures are highly identifiable in any medium. His work ranges from fine art to large scale environmental pieces and consumer products. Rex Ray always brings his signature combination of mid-century aesthetic and psychedelic shapes to all his work, including original designs for Lazerwood.

Apopkah (, Bonifae, Lukah and Youtah are available now at (

Erick Waldman, founder and creative director of Lazerwood says  “The combination of natural wood grain and Rex’s artistry have produced a Lazerwood product that is truly remarkable.”

In response to questions about his collaboration with Lazerwood, Rex Ray was quoted saying "Working with Lazerwood was a wonderful challenge in that I had to break down my usually colorful work into just two colors. I looked at some older, simpler work for inspiration and am very happy with the results."

Lazerwood was founded in 2010 with the simple desire to combine the natural beauty of wood with the cool, slim lines of the iPhone. The company’s expanded product line adds the warmth of real wood to some of the most popular electronic devices on the market. Located in Seattle Washington, Lazerwood is committed to producing all its products in

the USA.

Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist whose work exudes beauty with a subversive edge stemming from an attitude grounded in alternative subculture. Abstract and handcrafted, with a retro-futuristic feel, Rex Ray’s work is always identifiable, whether seen on museum or gallery walls, in hip restaurants and boutique hotels — or on book, CD covers or rock posters.

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Vakind Big Scenery Tree Design Waterproof Bathroom

Material: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 180cm*180cm
Pattern: As picture shown
Function: waterproof and mould proof
Machine washable
Free 12 hooks

1, the isolation tub or shower space, to prevent the bath water splashing and the role of Winter, you can save the temperature of bath or shower small space, prevent excessive distributing heat;
3, multi-bathroom tile decoration, the rushing feeling chilled more than soft insufficient, colorful shower curtain is played such a soften the atmosphere, and beautify the space.

Washing: Machine wash, Hand wash, not chlorine bleaching, non-drying.
The best light to use the 40 degree water temperature hand washing, wipe the soap in dirty location, and then brush gently brush a few times, rinse with water.
The low temperature ironing, hang dry.

Helpful Tips
Products can be washed and machine washable, but please try not drying in order to durable, dry with dried, do not direct sun exposure, do not let the back of the non-slip rubber-soled direct sun.
Price: $ 125

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Little flower Creative networks ' Best interior and design "

Nj-little flower creative, a division of the group, is a South Jersey magazine Reader's choice for company "& interior design" in the best of the best 2013 Edition of the publication.

Interior and exterior home design, daily and seasonal décor and styling company received a nod from the publication as South Jersey's favorite with creative, seasonal and stylish experience in decorating, staging and design exceptional, diverse and stunning seasonal looks for South Jersey homes.

"We are honored to be featured by South Jersey magazine," reports CJ DiRoma, CEO of the group, which includes the sister divisions little flower creative station Avenue productions and marketing consumption.

Little flower creative is a paradise for individuals and businesses seeking creative professionals to improve their existing and future endeavors, including home decorating, residential outdoor seasonal décor, as well as personal and business design, branding and marketing.

Little flower creative-South Jersey leader in home style, style, style for professionals-work in tandem to deliver unique personal and business branding strategies with its sister publication, Marketing consumption -winner of SJ BIZ magazine "top marketing" company name for 2013. the services provided by creative professionals in the little flower creative include: Lifestyle decisions; Corporate image; Design of the event; Literary consultancy and interior & exterior design. Little flower creative is well-known for outdoor and indoor, seasonal decor and design consulting, including a full range of services, professional design.

"Little flower creative is delighted to be showcased by South Jersey magazine," says DiRoma. "Design and interior is the passion of the little flower creative, and with more than 20 years of decorating, design and styling experience from professional family of little flower creative we take interior design dreams of our varied customers very seriously."

For more information about little flower creative visit if the group online at AS a little flower creative on FACEBOOK!


If the group, headquartered in Merchantville, New Jersey, provides exceptional professional services ranging from brand development to the public and media relations creative design and creative style consulting for events, corporations, associations, etc. If the Group proudly consists of station Avenue productions, marketing, consumption and little flower creative. For more information visit if the group online at

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My Heart Belongs To A Software Engineer T-Shirt Tee Shirt Top

Look cool without breaking the bank. We know you'll love this unique t-shirt! This is a high quality pre-shrunk t-shirt that will not crack or fade no matter how many times you wash it. This tee will never shrink, twist, fade or fall to pieces after a couple of washes. We use only the most expensive and highest quality print materials (fully machine washable & direct ironable) The image will be soft to the touch and not have the plastic heavy feel of a screen-printed t-shirt. Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites.

This soft and heavyweight t-shirt waits about 5.6 oz and offers classic look and classic comfort. It's so comfortable yet you really can wash it over and over again. It is perfect for anyone who wants to purchase a t-shirt that lasts. This tee is pre-shrunk and is made of 50 cotton/50 poly blend. It features a ribbed crew neck collar, set-in sleeves, taped shoulder-to-shoulder and two-needle hemmed sleeves & bottom. Unless otherwise noted, all the artwork features are centered on the front of the shirt. There is nothing on the back.

Price: $ 35

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New Open Source student information system software

7 Media Web solutions, LLC has started their revolution by creating a crowdfund campaign for their first open source project called eduTrac. eduTrac is an open source SIS/ERP that helps educational institutions manage Faculty, staff, students, courses, course sections, as well as other features found in your typical educational student system. However, 7 Media branding eduTrac as being unique among the predecessors proprietary.

Unlike other proprietary systems, 7 Media States that eduTrac is different for four reasons:

One, most of the big name SIS/ERPS out there is closed source and is under a strict commercial license. Not so with eduTrac. It is open source, so that the community can get involved and make it even better.

Two, most of these proprietary systems must be adapted to fit an institution's way of doing things. Which means that if the core code has changed, upgrade can be a pain, and even a nightmare. eduTrac will have an extension system that will make it possible for programmers to write code that can hook into the Edutrac's functions without having to modify or hack the core functionality. Now, there may be some small adjustments needed here and there, but it is the hope that these adjustments will eventually go into the next version, which makes it easier to upgrade to new versions without fear of breakage.

Three, with eduTrac, institutions can install it on their servers and use their own database, or they have the option to use Edutrac's secure database data warehouse, which is hosted in the cloud for scalability.

And four, eduTrac comes with a SQL Terminal. It is a secure interface to data stored in the database, which will allow users (with appropriate permissions) to create ad hoc reports on the fly. This is unique, because they do not have to use some sort of Query Builder, but instead, the user will retrieve exactly what he or she needs because of the relational data, and the user will become proficient with SQL syntax (training available).

This is what 7 Media coined, "EduTrac difference." 7 Media pushing for eduTrac to stand out and become the most coveted after student information system in the world. The fact that it is open source gives it a chance to become just that with hopes of a strong community contributes to its core. In addition, opens the door to the eduTrac internationalization function to be translated into other languages.

For more information, you might want to check out eduTrac campaign on Bountysources website: Come and be a part of the difference!

About 7 Media Web solutions, LLC
7 Media is a PHP development and consulting firm specializing in open source PHP web-based applications for educational institutions.

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Fisher-Price SMART CYCLE Software

Get ready to pedal and play with Lightning McQueen or Mater. Helps children develop skills and knowledge. Three ways to play: driving, learning arcade games and racing. Game cartridge slides right into any Smart Cycle model. Letters Sequencing Comparisons Spelling Visual discrimination Problem solving & much more!

Price: $19.99

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AccessData Sotfware Partners with EDRM for Thought-Leading Webinar Series

AccessData, a pioneer of digital investigations and litigation support solutions, today announced that the company will be partnering with EDRM ( to host webinars on hot technology topics facing the legal industry.

The first webinar will be offered on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 11 PT and is titled, “Why Aren't You Using Technology Assisted Review Yet? A Candid Discussion of the Fears and Realities of TAR." This webinar will discuss the effectiveness of TAR and how when executed as a complement to human review, research and court holdings will support any user’s decision to use it to effectively manage the culling, organization, review and production of responsive documents.

Panelists for this webinar  will be:
•   Joshua Gilliland, Esq:  Author of the popular blog, "Bow Tie Law" ( and founder of Majority Opinion, LLC
•   Charlie Kaupp:  Senior eDiscovery Consultant, DigitalStrata
•   Allison J. Walton, Esq.:  eRisk Consultant and President of Fortis Quay, Inc.
EDRM Founders Tom Gelbmann and George Socha will moderate the webinar with AccessData Product Marketing Manager Eric Killough conducting.  

Registration is available at

Additional webinars will be hosted throughout 2013:
•   September 10 - "New Ways of Seeing: Visual Analytics Comes of Age in E-Discovery"
•   October 24 - "Data! Data! Data! Tracing the Disappearing Lines between Electronic Security, Governance and Discovery"
•   November 19 - "Focus on Focus: Practical Lessons in Filtering Down to the Bits that Matter in E-Discovery"  

“We are excited to partner with EDRM to bring this webinar series to the legal community,” states Caitlin Murphy, Esq., Director of Legal Marketing for AccessData. “What we’re discussing in these presentations are issues of high importance and some urgency to our clients. We’re glad to be the catalyst for industry thought leaders to get together and provide insight and guidance on such hot topics.”

Furthering its thought leadership outreach, AccessData recently presented a session of this year's Virtual Corporate Counsel Forum, entitled “Hey, Is that My Data in Your Device?  Corporate Counsel in the BYOD Boom”.  This session, moderated by AccessData's Eric Killough, featured:

•   Chris Tragasz – eDiscovery Consultant, D4, LLC
•   Gail Gottehrer, Esq. – Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP
•   Bill Kammer, Esq. – Partner, Solomon, Ward, Seidenwurm & Smith, LLP
•   Lee Reiber – Vice President of Mobile Forensics, AccessData

Aired live on July 18, the Virtual Corporate Counsel session is now available, free-of-charge. More information and registration for all events is available at

About AccessData
AccessData Group has pioneered digital investigations and litigation support for more than 25 years. Over that time, the company has grown to provide a broad spectrum of stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions that enable a 360-degree view into the data at any stage of investigation. The company’s AD eDiscovery platform is an automated, in-house solution that addresses the e-discovery life cycle from litigation hold to final attorney review. AccessData’s AD Summation legal review solution is the gold standard throughout the legal community, having received 45+ legal industry technology and “Reader’s Choice” awards since 1997. More than 130,000 users in corporations, law firms, government agencies and law enforcement around the world rely on AccessData software solutions and its premier hosted review services. Learn more at

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FastAccess Facial Recognition Software License

Sensible Vision FastAccess Software License dramatically reduces or eliminates the need for login passwords in computer environments where data security is critical and time is of the essence. Through the patent pending CAS advanced facial recognition technology, computer access is quickly and seamlessly granted to authorized users while transparently securing the data and device as soon as the user steps out of view.

Price: $34.99

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Aha! Launches Beautiful Roadmapping Software

Aha! ( launched today and introduced software companies to a new way to set product strategy, build visual roadmaps, and articulate features. Sign up for a free trial and start using Aha! in minutes

Creating great software is invigorating. Product managers and engineers should be the happiest people on earth. But most companies never benefit from their love of innovation, because they are beaten down by soft strategies, weak tools and squishy communication. Aha! is the first to help software development teams build what matters and be happy doing it.

The cloud-based software helps turn agile product managers into heroes. For the first time, they can use one tool to explain their product vision, share the roadmap, and detail requirements so engineering knows what to build next. Aha! is launching after a wildly successful private Beta. More than 500 companies registered for the Beta, including some of world's most recognizable Web and software businesses.

All great products have a soul. Aha! enables product managers to set their product vision based on the market and customer insights. It then encourages them to map key strategic imperatives to releases and features to ensure that business objectives will be met. Aha! also combines multiple innovative technologies to capture and visualize all of the ideas about what features should be added to the product. This ensures product development team members can work together to prioritize key features in their sprints and releases.

“If you have MVPd yourself to an unsatisfactory product, it might be time for an Aha! moment,” said Aha! co-founder and CEO, Brian de Haaff. “If you still use Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, wikis and napkins to share ideas and lead product; you know there must be a better way. We built Aha! for you and it’s time to lead your product with conviction. Take a radical new approach to product strategy and roadmapping, because your company needs it and you deserve to enjoy what you do."

Aha! also includes a powerful, bi-directional API with connectors to leading bug tracking and revision control systems. As an example, the API allows product managers to push completed features and requirements directly into Jira and avoid double data entry. It also automatically updates features and requirements back in Aha! as text or status changes are made in Jira. The integration works with both hosted and on premises versions of Jira.

Sign up for a free trial and start using Aha! in minutes

About Aha!

Aha! is the new way to build brilliant roadmaps. Building software is invigorating and product managers should be the happiest people on earth. Our beautiful, cloud-based software helps make product and engineering managers heroes by enabling them to set product strategy, visualize and share roadmaps, and articulate features so their product development teams can build what matters. Aha! was founded by Silicon Valley veterans and software development experts, Brian de Haaff and Dr. Chris Waters, whose last two companies were acquired by Aruba Networks and Citrix respectively. The team has founded or been early employees of six cloud-based technology companies and have a total of 15 issued patents. The company is based in Menlo Park, Ca. Sign up for a free trial at to get your mojo back.

Keep up-to-date with Aha! and the team.

Twitter:   @aha_io ( and @bdehaaff (



All product and company names herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Dakim Brainfitness Software

COGNITIVE HEALTH SOFTWARE WORKS ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER: In a remarkable fusion of technology, science, and content design, Dakim's NuroLogic Technology works behind the scenes to deliver a comprehensive brain workout, spanning six cognitive domains to keep your mind healthy. With thousands of exercises in the content library and regularly downloaded updates, this software guarantees a constantly varied challenge. APPROPRIATE FOR ALL LEVELS: A complex set of algorithms enable the software to monitor user-performance and self-adjust to the right level of difficulty across five levels for a broad spectrum of users - from people with the highest brain function to those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or dementia.

And Dakim makes the adjustment in each individual user's cognitive domain, ensuring that the content you see matches your specific needs and abilities. Combined with Dakim's library of richly produced, original content, this guarantees an experience that's as enjoyable as it is effective! This software provides the same automated workout and senior-friendly interface as the clinically tested Dakim BrainFitness System, now engineered for your home computer. The software package includes a full 6GB content library.

Price: $209.95

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Asteor Software is a Finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award

A prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the Asian business region.The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds from across Asia. The nominees are evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technological innovation, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

This unique assessment of potential is complemented by a review of company track records and standings, which allows Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list a valuable tool for discovering and advocating for the best business opportunities in the industry.

"Entrepreneurship in Asia has reached an inflexion point, and as a result Red Herring Asia 2013, has shifted into a new phase," said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. " A second generation of entrepreneurs with CEO backgrounds is emerging and their execution skills and global ambitions lead to restless growth and amazing journeys. As importantly, we are seeing more companies from countries once absent from innovation circles. Asteor Software shows great promise and therefore deserves to be among the finalists ( Now we’re faced with the difficult task of selecting the Top 100 winners of Red Herring Asia. We know that the 2013 crop will reward us for long and continued efforts in scouting disruptive companies in Asia. The wealth of talent and achievements displayed by Red Herring Asia finalists is an excellent predictor for the new world rising.”

The finalists are invited to present their winning strategies at the Red Herring Asia Forum in Hong Kong, Sept. 3 to 5, 2013. The Top 100 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony the evening of Sept. 5, 2013 at the event.

About Asteor Software: is a key player in SaaS arena with world-class products Techcello and Synergita.  Techcello ( is a SaaS development framework used by ISVs to build their SaaS products better and faster.  Techcello is recognized as Gartner Cool Vendor, CODiE Finalist, Microsoft Partner of the Year 2013 finalist and Nasscom Emerge League of 10.  Synergita ( is a continuous HR performance management software available on SaaS model.

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Beginning Software Architecture

This is the first in a series of three tutorials that access learning resources available from Safari Books Online that cover the skills that Senior Associate-level Software Architects need to be fluent in. This tutorial contains fourteen topics that range from core project requirements, to cost and time estimates, to important aspects like security, development and deployment activities. Each topic lists its objectives along with the estimated time required to read each resource covered by the topic. Complete this tutorial and you will be well on your way to understanding what is required to become a beginning software architect.

Price: $ 15

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AVEVA Software presents and exhibits at MEPEC

AVEVA announced today that it is presenting its engineering, design and Information Management solutions to the process engineering community at MEPEC 2013 taking place 30 September – 2 October at the Bahrain International Conference Centre. On October 1, AVEVA will present ‘Integrated 2D process engineering and 3D data for efficient design’ during the conference session taking place 15:30-17:00.

Visitors to stand 173 will see the most advanced software available for engineering, design and Information Management, that enables high productivity both for engineering contractors (EPCs) and Owner Operators (OOs).

Evgeny Fedotov, Senior Vice-President, Russia, India & Middle East, AVEVA, comments, “MEPEC is the ideal opportunity for petrochemical professionals to see AVEVA showcase its continuing commitment to their industry. We will be demonstrating the breadth and power of our solutions for both EPCs and OOs, for efficient engineering project execution and asset lifecycle management."

AVEVA will showcase its Integrated Engineering & Design approach that improves project efficiency and reduces engineering and design costs by offering complementary products that draw on common processes, disciplines and deliverables, through a single managed information model. AVEVA will exhibit a number of products that form part of this approach, addressing the needs of 1D, 2D and 3D engineering and design.

·         1D: AVEVA Engineering; software for managing the evolving multi-discipline engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment

·         2D:

o    AVEVA Electrical; a feature-rich software suite for electrical engineering and design

o    AVEVA Instrumentation; the best-in-class application for Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design,  documentation  and management

o    AVEVA P&ID; an intelligent, AutoCAD-based P&ID design application          

·         3D: AVEVA Everything3D; AVEVA’s next-generation plant design software, that drives the adoption of Lean Construction by enabling EPCs to close the feedback loop between design, fabrication and construction, reducing overall project cost, risk and delivery time.

AVEVA will also exhibit its powerful Information Management solutions. AVEVA provides software that can integrate, control and exploit all types of information - not only engineering data - throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Both for EPCs and OOs, AVEVA enables engineering & design to be combined with management & control in a single, coherent strategy.

Media contacts:

Audrey Sequier
Marketing, PR & Events Manager Middle-East
AVEVA           Middle-East
Tel: + 971 4 454 0703

Kate Magill

Communications Manager

AVEVA           Corporate Marketing

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 558204

Follow AVEVA on twitter @avevagroup
Watch AVEVA on YouTube
For customer success stories read AVEVA World Magazine at

AVEVA is a leader in engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries. For more than 45 years it has delivered business critical software solutions to owner operators, engineering contractors and shipbuilders around the world. For further information please visit

Copyright 2013 AVEVA Solutions Limited. All rights reserved. AVEVA Solutions Limited is owned by AVEVA Group plc. AVEVA, the AVEVA logos and AVEVA product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of AVEVA Group plc or its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and other countries. Other brands and products names are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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Body Tape Measure with Windows software or Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod App

The Measure Tape:

- This is the perfect product for someone trying to manage their waistline - it makes measurement easy.
- Once you pull the tape around any body part, simply place the pin at the end of the tape in circular hole for easy recording.
- It takes a second to get use to using it properly, but it is far more convenient than a standard tape.

The software Body Fat Manager Light Edition:

The Light Edition is a stripped down version for the rapid determination and assessment of body fat measurements. Body fat can be determined either by Kalipermessung, circumference measurement or direct input from BIA / fat scales.

The database is disabled in the Light Edition - it can only be evaluated a person and a recent test and printed. The representation of curves and trends is not possible.

The following functions are activated in the Light Edition:

- Input BIA / fat scales: body fat, body water and fat-free mass
- Input Kalipermessung: 3 site after Jackson / Pollock
- Input Handling Measurement: abdominal, hip and neck circumference

The following parameters are calculated and assessed in a professional printout:

- Body Fat
- Body Mass Index
- Waist-to-Height Ratio
- Waist-to-Hip Ratio
- Broca's index
- Waist circumference
- Body Composition

The Light Edition is an entry into the professional body fat diagnostics. An upgrade to higher versions is always possible.

The Fat App for iPhone, iPad, or iPod: 

- FatApp is a program for body fat determination.
- The fat content is determined using circumferences or skinfold thickness.
- The calculation is based on scientifically proven formulas.
- All results are stored in the course and clearly presented.
- Furthermore, you can print the measurement or send it as a PDF.
- Thus, even a personal trainer or gym work with this software.

Price: $ 35

Click here to buy from Amazon

Biamp Systems Releases Tesira® Graphic Control Software

As a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, Biamp Systems announces the release of its Tesira DSP graphic control software program–Biamp Canvas.

Allowing for the creation and use of customized computer control screens with Tesira audio systems, the function and appearance of the graphic control interface can be tailored to the exact needs of the user. An array of drawing tools is provided for extensive graphic manipulation of controls, backgrounds, and labeling.

A prominent feature of Biamp Canvas is the ability to copy and paste, or drag and drop component objects directly from the system design file into the software, producing completely pre-assigned control elements and greatly streamlining control surface creation. End users can also easily navigate between multiple pages/tabs of operation. 

Additional features include the ability to create control for room combiners, place controls and assign them to system functions, and update preset settings directly within the Biamp Canvas software program.

“Biamp Canvas has some cool features that our customers have told us they’ve been wishing for,” said Justin O’Connor, Product Manager at Biamp Systems. “We’re happy to be able to provide them with a control interface that meets those desires, and allow system integrators to bring the power of Tesira to their customers’ fingers.”

About Biamp Systems

Biamp Systems is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world's most sophisticated audio/video installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each product with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

The award-winning Biamp product suite includes the Tesira® media system for digital audio networking, Audia® Digital Audio Platform, Nexia® digital signal processors, Sona™ AEC technology and Vocia® Networked Public Address and Voice Evacuation System. Each has its own specific feature set that can be customized and integrated in a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, conference centers, performing arts venues, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, campuses and multi-building facilities.

Founded in 1976, Biamp is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, with additional engineering operations in Brisbane, Australia. For more information on Biamp, please visit

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Brother PED-Basic Software for Downloading Embroidery Designs

Brother's PED-Basic® is the first step toward opening up a vast world of new embroidery designs for your embroidery machine. PED-Basic® allows you to download embroidery designs, perform simple editing operations to embroidery data (.pes files) and write those .pes files to original cards for your embroidery machine. .pes files can also be purchased or obtained from the internet. PED-Basic® features three frame sizes, a realistic stitch design preview, print design previews which can be used as placement templates when embroidering and built-in embroidery samples.

Price: $199.99

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Biscom Advances Security Software and Productivity within its Flagship Secure Document Exchange Technology

Biscom, a leader in secure document delivery to the legal market, today announces enhancements to Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) that improve security, productivity and collaboration.

Biscom SFT provides an intuitive self-service environment that secures the delivery of large and confidential files and helps legal organizations comply with federal and state data privacy regulations. Biscom SFT is a cornerstone of secure file exchange for law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes looking for fast, easy and secure document delivery.

Here are just a few highlights of what’s new in the Biscom SFT 4.3 release:

•   Improved Productivity: Support for single sign-on with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Users who have entered their authentication credentials with a trusted identity provider will not have to re-enter those credentials to access Biscom SFT, saving valuable keystrokes and improving user productivity.
•   Enhanced Collaboration: Biscom SFT Secure Workspace offers a secure, intuitive way to exchange project-related files and comments with internal and external participants. Secure Workspace Folders improve collaboration and productivity by allowing participants to better organize Secure Workspaces containing a large number of files.
•   Advanced Mobility: The Biscom SFT mobile app now supports all IOS and Android mobile devices. The Biscom SFT mobile app facilitates on-demand secure transfer of files stored on the mobile device with the same ease as composing and sending an email. Biscom is pleased to announce that the SFT mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.

“Without full user acceptance and adoption, security technology cannot fulfill its mission to protect confidential data from the increasing threat of cybercrime,” says Bill Ho, Biscom’s President. “The new Biscom SFT release 4.3 reinforces Biscom’s commitment to continuously improve Biscom Secure File Transfer where it matters most – ease of use.”

Biscom will demonstrate Biscom SFT 4.3 during the ILTA Conference in Las Vegas, Aug. 18-22. Visit booth number 133 to take the Biscom Security Challenge and enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini. To reserve your time or to learn more about the Biscom Security Challenge, visit

About Biscom
Biscom, the leading supplier of secure document delivery for the legal market, provides advanced technology that enables users to send and receive large files easily and securely. Biscom has been selected by a growing number of AmLaw 200 law firms to resolve the security, compliance and file attachment challenges of email, FTP and fax. Since 1986, Biscom has been a trusted provider of enterprise document delivery and workflow solutions for companies of all sizes including Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at

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Bling 123 Copy DVD Platinum Software

The Bling 123 Copy DVD Platinum 2012 Software is the software to use for your different multimedia demands like video editing and conversion. It can help you in copying or burning your media files with different formats to different optical discs. This impressive software can rip movies from your DVDs, and write them to Blu-Ray discs in near HD quality. Make all of your different videos suitable and playable to your gadgets with its video converter that quickly converts your media to the format that your device accepts. Rip, copy, burn, and convert various media in the fastest way possible with the Bling 123 Copy DVD Platinum 2012 Software..

Price: $49.99

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Biscom Announces Integration with MobileIron AppConnect

Biscom, a leader in secure document delivery to the legal market, today announced that it is now an integral part of the MobileIron AppConnect ecosystem. The Biscom integration with MobileIron AppConnect ensures employees can securely exchange files from their mobile devices while IT has the policy controls it needs to secure and manage corporate data.

MobileIron, the leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents and devices, provides its AppConnect technology to third-party mobile app developers. With MobileIron AppConnect apps, companies can give their employees the best third-party application experiences with apps that have been enabled with auto-configuration, data containerization and secure tunneling to protect corporate data.  

Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) provides an intuitive, self-service environment to create and securely deliver confidential files and messages. Unlike the mobile apps of collaborative file sharing services that do not easily support transfer to non-participants, the Biscom mobile app facilitates on-demand transfer to any external party with same ease as composing and sending an e-mail. With a single click, an attorney can initiate a Biscom secure transfer from the mobile device’s email, PDF annotation app or other iPad app.  Authorized recipient access is tracked and the sending attorney receives verification of receipt.  Attorneys can also access received Biscom deliveries from their mobile app. Biscom’s mobile app supports IOS and Android mobile devices.

Biscom’s integration with MobileIron’s AppConnect mobile device management environment further enhances Biscom’s strong security by locking down access to files stored in the Biscom app.  MobileIron allows administrators to control the Biscom app’s file access policy including app login, file movement to other apps, copy/paste permissions and file printing.

“The combination of Biscom and MobileIron offers a new level of security and control to the process of mobile device file exchange,” says Charles Magliato, Biscom’s Legal Program Director. “Attorneys trust Biscom’s iPad and Android apps for its on-demand transfer of sensitive files that encrypts delivery and ensures only the intended recipients receive the files.  The integration with MobileIron will enhance the control and protection of files stored in the Biscom app.”

“Data security is paramount in the legal industry. Client files must be protected from data breach and cyber-attack without compromising the mobile experience of attorneys and legal staff,” says Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. “Biscom’s integration with MobileIron AppConnect gives law firms around the world new tools to secure the exchange and storage of sensitive files on mobile devices.”  

Visit Biscom at booth 133 during ILTA 2013 to learn more about this agreement, take the Biscom Security Challenge and enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini. To reserve your time or to learn more about the Biscom Security Challenge, visit

About MobileIron
The leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents, and devices, MobileIron's mission is to enable organizations around the world to embrace mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness. Global companies, including 8 of the top 10 automotive manufacturers, 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, 5 of the top 10 banks, 5 of the top 10 law firms, and 4 of the top 10 retailers, rely on MobileIron’s scalable architecture, rapid innovation, and best practices as the foundation for their Mobile First initiatives. For more information, please visit

About Biscom
Biscom, the leading supplier of secure document delivery for the legal industry, provides advanced technology that enables users to send and receive large files easily and securely. Biscom has been selected by a growing number of AmLaw 200 law firms to resolve the security, compliance, and file attachment challenges of email, FTP, and fax. Since 1986, Biscom has been a trusted provider of enterprise document delivery and workflow solutions for companies of all sizes including Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at

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Fisher-Price SMART CYCLE Software - Disney/Pixar Toy Story

Get ready to pedal and play with Buzz and Woody. Helps children develop skills and knowledge. Three ways to play: driving, learning arcade games and racing. Game cartridge slides right into any Smart Cycle model.

Letters Sequencing Comparisons Spelling Visual discrimination Problem solving & much more!

Price: $19.99

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DeskCenter IT Helpdesk Management software and Webcast

DeskCenter Helpdesk detects service queries of users and supports the creation of trouble tickets for the service staff.  Recurring events can also be handled effectively.  It is a perfect tool for support and control. All information about employees and assets can be accessed directly.

In order to increase the support performance, all departments involved can be integrated into the process chain. It helps the team follow the appropriate workflows and processes and provides the information needed to improve support effectiveness and desktop portfolio management.

Ideally, the Helpdesk should be used in combination with DeskCenter Realtime System Management (, which offers a wide variety of useful remote functions. DeskCenter Service Calendar ( is another valuable extension for the Helpdesk. Using this, you can assign the appointments of your service staff directly to the associated Helpdesk tickets.

see all steps of the ticket process
flexible alert system for every ticket change
automatic ticket assignment to defined support employees
simplified problem management with integrated quality management
reactivate and close tickets
comment function for tickets – documentation of ticket communication and change protocols
multiple POP3 connectors and IMAP support
automatic ticket creation from emails
file attachment directly in the ticket
wizard for incident creation
perfect escalation management
management of different projects and detection of independent tasks
categorize and priories tickets
extended system for E-Mail templates
full text search to find tickets faster
See all system information when creating of a ticket
Print function for e-mails directly out of the program

For information, pricing and all questions call 516 442-1508 or email to

DeskCenter USA Inc.
Phone 516 442-1508 
309 West Park Avenue l Long Beach, NY  11561 

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DeskCenter IT Management Software Suite, Powerful and Agile

Discover a complete solution with market-leading technology. With its powerful approach strongly influenced by realistic requirements, it will redefine expectations. The mature usability will enable you to work productively within minutes.   It was developed to guarantee the seamless integration of all modules available.  All functions are available from one console with a consistent user interface and structure. To learn more join in for a free webcast.   

The DeskCenter Management Suite has been developed by former IT consultants who thought that software like Matrix and other client management tools offer insufficient solutions for daily work and that the handling of these software programs is too complicated.  Thus, you and your staff benefit from higher data security, faster access times and a better overview at reporting by using the DeskCenter Management Suite. The software is used by a wide range of companies with 50 up to 100,000 client systems worldwide.  

For a free consultation, pricing and all questions call 516 442-1508 or email to

DeskCenterUSA Inc. l (
309 West Park Avenue l Long Beach, NY  11561

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If You Use This Software

* Nice appearance and innovative design * LED illuminator around lens * Imported lens with plated layer * 5.0 Mega pixels high resolution Korea sensor * Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer * Left/Right lamp control Functionl. * Single capture button and digital pause capture. * Adjustable focus to give clear image. * Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter * Dual image compare function * 3D-Negative capture mode * Compatible with iris lens, hair lens and skin lens. * Deliver clear and accurate images. * Easy to operate. * Maximum resolution: 2560x1920 * OS: Windows XP, WIN2000, 2003, Vista, Win7. Software easy to use, help you to command. Recommend to use of 1024X768 resolution, it will be the best. Recommend to use Windows XP/2000/Vista/7 system.

Price: $25.49

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Digital Software Clarity Group Reviews Oshyn in New Service Providers Report

Digital Clarity Group (DCG) released its first premium service providers research report, “Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management”, analysing Oshyn ( and 41 other vendors . This report specifically covers web service providers, discussing their growing role in an organization’s technology projects as well as giving a detailed view of their expertise and knowledge set.

On the importance of creating such a report for customers, Scott Liewehr, President at Digital Clarity Group said, “DCG has been covering the deployment of content and engagement related technologies since our inception. And if there’s one rule that applies to every deployment of technology, it’s that the implementation is what sets every business on the road to success or failure. A great implementation partner is one of the primary keys to a successful customer engagement strategy." 

In the report, DCG dives into the complex field of Web Content Management (WCM) and Consumer Experience Management (CEM) and why with the new advances in both fields, it’s often impossible for an in-house team to implement a successful strategy without the help of a service provider. In the report, DCG states:

In the past, service providers could be easily sorted by their focus (ad agencies, digital agencies, systems integrators, etc.) Nearly every service provider we interviewed said it is adding staff (or entire new skill sets), acquiring other firms, forming new vendor partnerships, mastering new technologies, and otherwise transforming its business model and product offerings. . . . [This] reflects the pervasive desire among firms to combine design, strategy, communications, and technical expertise and services.

Oshyn, along with several other service providers in North America, was contacted and interviewed by DCG to be included in this in-depth report. The DCG report gives a snapshot of each service partner, from general company information to their WCM technology partnerships, to an overview of their project approach and values, to perspectives of what the company has to offer from both their clients’ point of view and that of DCG.

“Oshyn was proud to be included in this extensive research report,” said Diego Rebosio, Oshyn’s CEO. “Selecting the right service provider is key to a project’s success and this report gives clients a clear view of each provider’s strengths and experience as well as their expertise.”

Digital Clarity Group’s premium research report, “Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management” is available today on (

About Oshyn

Oshyn is a technology services and product provider, with a reputation for delivering innovative solutions and products for the web, mobile devices and enterprise technology platforms. Oshyn is known for its expertise in implementing websites and creating products for the most popular Web Content Management Systems and platforms in the marketplace including Sitecore, EPiServer, Drupal, and Jahia.

Headquartered in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Oshyn's growing client list includes Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Epson Electronics, Fordham University, Lexus, Mars, the National Education Association, Sapient, Jamba Juice, California Teachers Association, Southern California Edison, and Volkswagen.

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Intermediate Software Architecture

This is the second in a series of three tutorials that access learning resources available from Safari Books Online that cover the skills that Software Architects need to be fluent in. This tutorial contains fourteen topics that range from core project requirements, to cost and time estimates, to important aspects like security, development and deployment activities. Each topic lists its objectives along with the estimated time required to read each resource covered by the topic. Complete this tutorial and you will be well on your way to understanding what is required to transition from an entry level software architect to a software architect manager.

Price: $ 35

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D-Tools System Integrator six 2013 WINS technology Integrator Excite Award

D-Tools, Inc., is the world leader in system integration software, today announced that D-Tools System Integrator ™ six 2013 has been appointed a 2013 technology Integrator EXCITE Award recipient. Every year technology Integrator magazine recognizes products that stand out for being innovative, high performing solutions oriented for a professional custom installation. This year's winners were chosen from hundreds of nominations received and judged by the magazine's editorial staff.

"We are honored to be named a 2013 technology Integrator EXCITE award winner," said Adam Stone, President and CEO of D-tools. "Our team works tirelessly to produce improvements and enhancements, which will exceed the needs of our various users and we are dedicated to providing, appreciate day, day out. With six 2013, we added new features and improvements to the product catalog, projects, drawings and calendar, plus we upgraded QuickBooks and 3rd party integration this time too, so it's a big transition, and we are proud to be recognized along with the other winners. "

The winners of the technology Integrator Excite Awards will be honored during a reception will be held in Denver, CO, during CEDIA EXPO 2013.

About technology Integrator

Technology Integrator is a business strategy magazine for residential A/V and automation integration electronics professional. Each issue of technology Integrator is designed as an exclusive Management Conference. Business coaching from respected professional stimulates and educates them, which is ambitious for success. Central pillars, departments and functions are focused on education, job retention, business management, marketing and merchandising from respected experts in their fields.

New voices in the publication address legal advice, financial planning and employee compensation, rounding of the portfolio of topics in the magazine. Just like our readers striving to become expert advisors and resources to their customers, target technology Integrator owners and managers, who are passionate about their businesses. New technologies and applications promotion every day, provide plenty of reasons for readers to work in their businesses. Technology Integrator goal is to help our readers work at their companies.

Technology Integrator is a publication of the consumer technology Publishing Group (CTPG), a division of North American Publishing Company. In addition to producing several trade and a consumer publication, CTPG also participates in a number of philanthropic endeavors.

About D-Tools, Inc.

D-Tools, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, is a worldwide leader in accessible, highly accurate system design and documentation software. The company's flagship product, System Integrator ™ (SI), is a total design solution that takes advantage of Autodesk ® AutoCAD and Microsoft ® Visio to comprehensive system design, documentation, and project management. D-Tools SI allows for residential and commercial integrators to streamline their business processes to increase total revenue while reducing the time and costs associated with the installation and integration of low-voltage systems.

Over 4,400 leading companies are using D-Tools software to reduce time and costs and streamline system integration. D-Tools is a three time recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association Mark of Excellence Award, commercial Integrator best Award (2011, 2013), multiple winner of the Custom dealer/technology Integrator Excite Award (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), Multi Room Audio Video Awards-best start-up aid, national systems Contractors Association, sound and Video Contractor innovations in technology to Business Productivity Award and CE Pro high power Award for Design Software.

Further information can be obtained by calling (866) 386-6571, email or visit D-tools online at Follow D-tools on Twitter at and on Facebook at

D-Tools press contacts:

Tim Bigoness

D-Tools, Inc.

(925) 270-4102

Katye (McGregor) Bennett

KMB communications

(425) 328-8640 (

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Resort Lock RLMSW Management Software for Remote Code Door Lock

Laptop not included. Issue multiple one-time and permanent codes and ibuttons at once. Change multiple lock settings. Set date and time. Change scheduled access for multiple codes en mass. Warranty: 1 year. 11 in. L (1 lbs.) Utilize the full potential of ResortLock with the Lock Management Package. This package comes with software, ibutton programming key and iWire. The ibutton programming key is what will carry information between your computer and your lock and the iWire connects the ibutton to the usb port on your computer.

Price: $149.00

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ePath Learning, Inc. Earns Marcum Tech Software Top 40 Award

ePath Learning, Inc (, announced today that for the second year in a row it has been named to the Marcum Tech Top 40, an annual compilation of the 40 fastest growing technology companies in Connecticut.  Selection was based on the percentage revenue growth over four years.

ePath Learning develops innovative, world-class software applications that improve training and human performance for organizations.  Its portfolio of corporate learning services includes cloud-based learning portals, enterprise social networking technology, and custom eLearning development services.  These services support its continued vision to eliminate barriers that prevent anytime, anywhere learning via the internet. 

“It gives us a great sense of honor to achieve this recognition once again,” stated Dudley Molina, President and CEO of ePath Learning, Inc.  “The team at ePath Learning is dedicated to changing the world for the better by developing software that empowers enterprises to improve their performance through learning, and it’s this dedication and entrepreneurial spirit that sets our company apart from the competition.”

To qualify for the Marcum Tech Top 40, companies must have had operating revenues of at least $50,000 in 2009 and $3,000,000 in 2012, be headquartered in Connecticut, and own proprietary technology or proprietary intellectual property that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues; or devotes a significant proportion of revenues to the research and development of technology. 

For more information on the Marcum Tech Top 40 and/or the CTC please visit the CT Technology Council’s website at 

About ePath Learning:

ePath Learning, Inc. is a leader in cloud-based learning services.  ePath Learning ASAP is a cloud-based learning management system that combines the content authoring features of an LCMS with the management functionality of an LMS into one, easy to use service available anytime, anywhere on any web browser.  ePath Learning eSource is a private, secure, social network for the enterprise.  ePath Learning also offers customized course development and conversion services through its award winning Pro Services team.  For more information, call us today at (908) 722-6622, or go online to

ePath Learning is a registered trademark and ePath Learning ASAP and eSource are service marks of ePath Learning, Inc.

About Marcum LLP

Marcum LLP is one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the nation. Ranked among the top 15, Marcum LLP offers the resources of 1,200 professionals, including over 140 partners, in more than 20 offices throughout New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Grand Cayman and China. Headquartered in New York City, the Firm's presence runs deep with full-service offices strategically located in major business markets. Marcum is a member of the Marcum Group, an organization providing a comprehensive range of professional services spanning accounting and advisory, technology solutions, wealth management, and executive and professional recruiting. The Marcum Group companies include Marcum LLP; Marcum Technology LLC; Marcum Search LLC; Marcum Financial Services LLC; Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP; Marcum Buchanan Associates LLC; and Marcum Cronus Partners LLC. For more about Marcum LLP, visit

About The Connecticut Technology Council, Inc.

The Connecticut Technology Council is the state’s industry association for the technology sector. CTC’s mission is to “connect people, ideas and opportunities to the global technology and innovation community.” CTC provides members with business assistance and specialized programs, in addition to promoting and supporting public policies that position Connecticut to have a globally recognized “culture of innovation” that helps attract great ideas and entrepreneurs to in turn develop new jobs and wealth for the state.

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Ti-smartview Emulator Software for TI-84

Texas Instruments Instruments TI-SmartView v.2.0 84EMU/PWB/1L1/D Emulators

Price: $167.99

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ERP Guru helps Schaeffer manufacturing with all its ERP needs

ERP Guru Inc. is proud to announce a success story from one of its customers based in St. Louis, MO-Schaeffer Manufacturing Company. Schaeffer is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial lubricants, fuel additives and synthetic motor oils.

Before switching to NetSuite, Schaeffer was using a homemade mainframe as well as numerous spreadsheets.  After completing NetSuite implementation, the time necessary for a sale to complete a three-person review went from 3 days to 1.5 days, and today more than half of the orders are now shipped the same day the order is placed.

"Using NetSuite we have been able to take advantage of technology in order to ensure growth, while at the same time maintain a fixed cost at the Home Office. ERP Guru was NetSuite

Solution Provider that allowed Schaeffer to move into the 21st century "noted will Gregerson, CFO of Schaeffer Manufacturing Company.

See the full list of results Schaeffer so from implementation and adaptation of Netsuite, read the full success story on ERP Gurus website –

About Schaeffer manufacturing company

Founded in 1839, Schaeffer manufacturing specialized synthetic oils, fuel additives, fats and more for a variety of industries. Our products deliver improved fuel economy, longer lubricant life and excellent performance for all types of machinery and heavy equipment. Schaeffer remained a family-owned operation since its inception. For more information about Schaeffer Manufacturing Company visit

About ERP Guru Inc.

ERP Guru helps businesses grow by implementing and support NetSuite, the leading cloud-based business management software. After having been a NetSuite Partner and Solution Developer since 2005, brings ERP guru's team of engineers, software interdisciplinary expertise and ability to translate complicated operations in real-world business applications. Philosophy and approach of ERP Guru is to provide consistent, high-quality consulting. Visit for more information on ERP Guru consulting services and Add-ons.


Erica Keller

Marketing & Communications Manager

ERP Guru Inc.

514.664. 1023 Ext. 112

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Microsoft Office Software Home and Student 2013

Office Home & Student 2013 is designed to help you create and organize faster with new, time saving features and a clean, modern look.

Price: $139.99

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Top Property Management Software Company in California

Farnam & Associates Real Estate top provider of property management services in Redlands, Victorville, Temecula, Riverside, and San Bernardino in California proudly announced today that it received TReXGlobal’s 3R Award for being "Responsible, Reliable, and Recommended".

Property management software developer grows exposure for Property Management Companies that are Responsible, Reliable, and have been Recommended by members of the community. Farnam & Associates Real Estate has been rated by ‘TReXGlobal as one of the top companies in Redlands, Victorville, Temecula, Riverside, and San Bernardino in California for Property Management.

As a recipient of the 3R Award, Farnam & Associates Real Estate will be featured above other Redlands, Victorville, Temecula, Riverside, and San Bernardino in California property Management Companies and more consumers who are looking for property management can easily get connected with Farnam & Associates Real Estate.

·         Victorville Property Management Companies (

·         Riverside Property Management Companies (

·         San-Bernardino Property Management Companies (

About Farnam & Associates Real Estate

Farnam & Associates Real Estate has over many years of experience in leasing, managing and selling properties in throughout the Redlands, Victorville, Temecula, Riverside, San Bernardino in California Area. Their current portfolio includes single family homes, multifamily apartments, and commercial properties. Whether you are a single property owner, investor, Home Owners Association or a commercial real estate investment firm, you can depend on Farnam & Associates Real Estate to provide you with comprehensive, reliable, and trustworthy property management services.

About 3R Property Management

The 3R Award is given to the top property management companies in each city. The 3R recognizes property management companies who have a proven track record of being responsible, reliable, and recommended. A 3R Property Management Company is one that provides owners with a formal property management agreement, sends timely financial statements on property performance, and has a good history of managing tenants, late payments, and evictions. A 3R Property Management Company has established relationships with property maintenance vendors, and is a member of an industry association like the National Association of REALTORS®.

About TReXGlobal offers products like Pay Rent Online ( ), Property Management Software ( ), Property Management Forms ( ), and a directory of Property Management Companies ( ). Learn more about the 3R Awards at (

Media Contact:

Doug Rice

Property Management 3R

 (510) 790-9066

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Skirt Sports Women's Vogue Knickers

With the lines on this cycling Knicker you’ll look much better than a blonde Vogue-ing singer! Wide comfy waistband, flattering design on your legs and rear, and mesh back panel for ventilation guarantee comfort and beauty. You’ll love our Skirt Cycle Chamois (Italian! Female-specific! Hot pink just for fun!), and the polyester/Lycra blend fabric. Reflective pocket on your right leg holds your necessities and helps keep you safe in low light.

Price: $110.00

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Slimguide Skinfold Caliper with Tape Measure, Software and Booklet

Slimguide Caliper:
- Can be read to the nearest 0.5 mm
- Easy to use pistol grip trigger
- Dual springs for consistent measurements
- Calibrated jaw width can measure up to 80 mm, suitable for larger non-athletic populations where this may be required
- Very strong construction made of durable ABS plastic

- Includes all the information you need to do skinfold measurements
- Instruction manual for measuring percentage body fat using skinfold calipers
- Discussion and description of the techniques for measuring body fat
- Diagrams and descriptions of common skinfold measurement sites
- Formula and charts for calculating % body fat

Body Tape Measure:
- Tape with push-button retraction and locking feature
- Easy to take the measurements alone
- Measures up to 5 feed

Body Fat Manager Light Edition:
- Input BIA / fat scales: body fat, body water and fat-free mass
- Skinfold measurement: 3 site Jackson/Pollock
- Input abdominal, hip and neck circumference
- The database is disabled in the Light Edition - it can only be evaluated and printed one person and a recent test

The following parameters are calculated and assessed in a professional printout:
- Body Fat
- Body Mass Index
- Waist-to-Height Ratio
- Waist-to-Hip Ratio
- Broca's index
- Waist circumference
- Body Composition

Fat App:
- The fat content is determined using circumferences or skinfold thickness
- The calculation is based on scientifically proven formulas
- All results are stored in the course and clearly presented
- You can print the measurement or send it as a PDF

Price: $3,990.00

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Sony ACID Music Studio 9

ACID Music Studio is the best way to bring your music to life and share it with others. You don’t have to be an experienced musician or producer-the included 3,000 loops and free Sound Series loop library download will have you making great music in minutes. Our tutorials will show you how to record your own vocals and instruments and add sparkle using the same effects found in professional studios. When you’re finished mixing your tracks, burn CDs and make MP3s for the Web and all your favorite portable players. Music Studio transforms your PC into the ultimate home recording studio.

Price: $69.95

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Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach

For almost three decades, Roger Pressman's Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach has been the world's leading textbook in software engineering. The new seventh edition represents a major restructuring and update of previous editions, solidifying the book's position as the most comprehensive guide to this important subject.

The seventh edition of Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach has been designed to consolidate and restructure the content introduced over the past two editions of the book. The chapter structure will return to a more linear presentation of software engineering topics with a direct emphasis on the major activities that are part of a generic software process. Content will focus on widely used software engineering methods and will de-emphasize or completely eliminate discussion of secondary methods, tools and techniques. The intent is to provide a more targeted, prescriptive, and focused approach, while attempting to maintain SEPA's reputation as a comprehensive guide to software engineering.

The book will be organized in five (5) parts-Process, Modeling, Quality Management, Project Management, and Advanced Topics. The chapter count will remain at 32, unchanged from the sixth edition. However, eight new chapters have been developed and another six chapters have undergone major or moderate revisions. The remaining chapters have undergone minor edits/updates.

Price: $ 125

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Software Engineering (9th Edition)

Intended for introductory and advanced courses in software engineering.

The ninth edition of Software Engineering presents a broad perspective of software engineering, focusing on the processes and techniques fundamental to the creation of reliable, software systems. Increased coverage of agile methods and software reuse, along with coverage of 'traditional' plan-driven software engineering, gives readers the most up-to-date view of the field currently available. Practical case studies, a full set of easy-to-access supplements, and extensive web resources make teaching the course easier than ever.

The book is now structured into four parts:

1: Introduction to Software Engineering
2: Dependability and Security
3: Advanced Software Engineering
4: Software Engineering Management

Price: $156.20

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Smart Cycle Software - Scooby-Doo

Get ready to pedal and play with SHAGGY and SCOOBY with the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Software - Scooby-Doo! This game cartridge slides right into any Smart Cycle model for extra learning opportunities with fascinating facts, exciting sounds and skill-building games. Three ways to play: drive, learn, or race with the characters on-screen or against another player. Teaches numbers, counting, letters, spelling, addition, subtraction, shapes, colors, and much more!

Price: $19.99

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Software Architecture in Practice

The award-winning and highly influential Software Architecture in Practice, Third Edition, has been substantially revised to reflect the latest developments in the field. In a real-world setting, the book once again introduces the concepts and best practices of software architecture—how a software system is structured and how that system’s elements are meant to interact. Distinct from the details of implementation, algorithm, and data representation, an architecture holds the key to achieving system quality, is a reusable asset that can be applied to subsequent systems, and is crucial to a software organization’s business strategy.


The authors have structured this edition around the concept of architecture influence cycles. Each cycle shows how architecture influences, and is influenced by, a particular context in which architecture plays a critical role. Contexts include technical environment, the life cycle of a project, an organization’s business profile, and the architect’s professional practices. The authors also have greatly expanded their treatment of quality attributes, which remain central to their architecture philosophy—with an entire chapter devoted to each attribute—and broadened their treatment of architectural patterns.


If you design, develop, or manage large software systems (or plan to do so), you will find this book to be a valuable resource for getting up to speed on the state of the art.


Totally new material covers  

  • Contexts of software architecture: technical, project, business, and professional

  • Architecture competence: what this means both for individuals and organizations

  • The origins of business goals and how this affects architecture

  • Architecturally significant requirements, and how to determine them

  • Architecture in the life cycle, including generate-and-test as a design philosophy; architecture conformance during implementation; architecture and testing; and architecture and agile development

  • Architecture and current technologies, such as the cloud, social networks, and end-user devices

Price: $69.99

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Software AHA Upgrade Kit #1 LIFEPAK 500 CD

KIT #1 LIFEPAK 500 Defibrillator Software Solutions CD. Upgrades existing LIFEPAK 500 AEDs to 2005/2010 AHA Guidelines. CD includes electronic copy of Operating Instructions. Compatable with Windows XP or Home Edition with Service Pack. Kit Includes: CD, two (2) AED Instruction Cards, 25 cprMAX v1.5 Upgrade Sticker Sheet. Cable not included.

Price: $30.00

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Software in 30 Days: How Agile Managers Beat the Odds and Leave Competitors

A radical approach to getting IT projects done faster and cheaper than anyone thinks possible

Software in 30 Days summarizes the Agile and Scrum software development method, which allows creation of game-changing software, in just 30 days. Projects that use it are three times more successful than those that don't. Software in 30 Days is for the business manager, the entrepreneur, the product development manager, or IT manager who wants to develop software better and faster than they now believe possible. Learn how this unorthodox process works, how to get started, and how to succeed. Control risk, manage projects, and have your people succeed with simple but profound shifts in the thinking.

The authors explain powerful concepts such as the art of the possible, bottom-up intelligence, and why it's good to fail early—all with no risk greater than thirty days.

  • The productivity gain vs traditional "waterfall" methods has been over 100% on many projects

  • Author Ken Schwaber is a co-founder of the Agile software movement, and co-creator, with Jeff Sutherland, of the "Scrum" technique for building software in 30 days

  • Coauthor Jeff Sutherland was cosigner of the Agile Manifesto, which marked the start of the Agile movement

Software in 30 Days is a must-read for all managers and business owners who use software in their organizations or in their products and want to stop the cycle of slow, expensive software development. Programmers will want to buy copies for their managers and their customers so they will know how to collaborate to get the best work possible.

Price: $29.95

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The Design of Everyday Things

First, businesses discovered quality as a key competitive edge; next came service. Now, Donald A. Norman, former Director of the Institute for Cognitive Science at the University of California, reveals how smart design is the new competitive frontier. The Design of Everyday Things is a powerful primer on how--and why--some products satisfy customers while others only frustrate them.

Price: $16.95

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Focus on Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is easily one of the most popular web application framework that allows its users to use features that are like those found in Adobe Flash. With Silverlight, you can integrate multimedia, animations, graphics and interactivity into a single runtime environment. This was first released as a plug in for video streaming. This can be used in different Web browsers on Windows and Mac OS X. Today, this is often used in conjunction with Silverlight-report, there is a new tool for reporting.

You can use this technology in order for you to generate reports in Silverlight, as this gives you the ability to create functional and effective reports. The reports are in fact effective, because you can easily examine the accuracy of your data. But it is your job to make sure that the pieces of information that you have entered is accurate and correct. Therefore, you should not rely solely on software by reviewing the data that you have set for your business report.

The technology is used for Silverlight report creation contains visually rich applications for the Web. This is why you will observe that the reports that have been generated are well designed and appealing. Today, when you generate reports in Silverlight, you will observe that it's actually like Flash where the reports can be viewed and displayed without making use of multiple plug ins. There is Silverlight reporting tools that you can use and you are sure that they will be providing the media, as your current report generation process requires.

If you want to generate reports in Silverlight, there are effective, you must do the insight, understandable and clear. Keep in mind that each report must contain something the audience or viewer needs. This means that you should also consider the people who will view your report. They must find the data, important and meaningful. For example, if your audience is employees in your company, you can get reports about their performance or even status for your organization. Therefore, you should check everything first in particular to ensure that the data you have in accordance with what you want to present to your employees.

When you generate reports in Silverlight, you can easily manipulate their format and switch them, so that you can enable them to zoom in and out when there is a need to do this. Although Silverlight reports are useful, they are usually depend on the Web reports. One of the best things about Silverlight reporting is that there is actually no need to install .net applications when it comes to designing your business reports. This is because Silverlight, it offers the features you might need creation process. In this case, you are able to save money and also protect you from programs that can cause damage to your system. In order to generate reports in Silverlight with success, you must repeatedly test and prove the materials that you will present to the collection of information.

Real Perpetuum Software LLC specializes in development of high-quality .NET and ASP.NET software components compatible with MS Visual Studio .NET, C # Builder, Delphi .NET and other IDEs supporting .NET Framework.

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