Forrest and Jones appoints sales Supremo to achieve further growth

LANCASHIRE based bespoke wallpaper experts Forrest & Jones appointed Sales Director to head up to the development of its new base in Manchester North neighborhood as part of their program of continuous expansion, it was announced yesterday.
Chris Brooks, a former Managing Director of custom wallpaper supplier Murum Es LTD., who took up his new role of Forrest & Jones Preston HQ at the beginning of the month, said it aimed to double or even triple sales in the first year.

"Forrest & Jones have rich experience in business wall coverings and a reputation for producing high quality products," said Mr. Brooks from his Office Manchester. "I intend to introduce them with their contacts in greater Manchester, London and South East and I would be surprised if we didn't come away with some significant orders.

"Forrest & Jones have worked with some leading designers to produce some amazing wall coverings, in addition to the creation of three new innovative product ranges, each of which has a huge potential.

"My job is to raise awareness of these amazing products on the market by talking about my business contacts in the UK.  And I know I already have generated considerable interest among those who have spoken so far ".

Forrest & Jones founder and Managing Director Gareth Jones and fellow directors Marc Forrest and dice Armstrong been busy developing three new and innovative product ranges, which are already catching the attention of leading designers.

"Magalomania" is a unique new magnetic system design that can transform a wall into something from HIGH-RISE cityscape realistic rural landscape, adorned with colorful magnetic signs. It can be used as a product of education and is currently aimed at kindergartens, schools and play barns.

Seamless wallpaper is PVC free, difficult, polyester fabrics that can be produced up to five meters high and of any length and which boasts a PIN sharp print quality. Already he is proving a hit with designers who don't want to see the connections.

SwitchScene is another magnetic display system that uses the latest innovations in removable and reusable magnetic graphics, which is sparking excitement in the advertising and retail.

"Despite the recession and economic slowdown, we continue to grow as a company," added Mr Jones. "Our new range of products and capabilities of our talented team of people have convinced me that we are ready for further growth and this is why I have appointed Chris on our team.

"I am confident that Chris will bring in sales that will fuel further growth and considerably more people to enjoy the high quality wall coverings, which we are extremely proud of."

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