Body Tape Measure with Windows software or Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod App

The Measure Tape:

- This is the perfect product for someone trying to manage their waistline - it makes measurement easy.
- Once you pull the tape around any body part, simply place the pin at the end of the tape in circular hole for easy recording.
- It takes a second to get use to using it properly, but it is far more convenient than a standard tape.

The software Body Fat Manager Light Edition:

The Light Edition is a stripped down version for the rapid determination and assessment of body fat measurements. Body fat can be determined either by Kalipermessung, circumference measurement or direct input from BIA / fat scales.

The database is disabled in the Light Edition - it can only be evaluated a person and a recent test and printed. The representation of curves and trends is not possible.

The following functions are activated in the Light Edition:

- Input BIA / fat scales: body fat, body water and fat-free mass
- Input Kalipermessung: 3 site after Jackson / Pollock
- Input Handling Measurement: abdominal, hip and neck circumference

The following parameters are calculated and assessed in a professional printout:

- Body Fat
- Body Mass Index
- Waist-to-Height Ratio
- Waist-to-Hip Ratio
- Broca's index
- Waist circumference
- Body Composition

The Light Edition is an entry into the professional body fat diagnostics. An upgrade to higher versions is always possible.

The Fat App for iPhone, iPad, or iPod: 

- FatApp is a program for body fat determination.
- The fat content is determined using circumferences or skinfold thickness.
- The calculation is based on scientifically proven formulas.
- All results are stored in the course and clearly presented.
- Furthermore, you can print the measurement or send it as a PDF.
- Thus, even a personal trainer or gym work with this software.

Price: $ 35

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