Dakim Brainfitness Software

COGNITIVE HEALTH SOFTWARE WORKS ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER: In a remarkable fusion of technology, science, and content design, Dakim's NuroLogic Technology works behind the scenes to deliver a comprehensive brain workout, spanning six cognitive domains to keep your mind healthy. With thousands of exercises in the content library and regularly downloaded updates, this software guarantees a constantly varied challenge. APPROPRIATE FOR ALL LEVELS: A complex set of algorithms enable the software to monitor user-performance and self-adjust to the right level of difficulty across five levels for a broad spectrum of users - from people with the highest brain function to those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or dementia.

And Dakim makes the adjustment in each individual user's cognitive domain, ensuring that the content you see matches your specific needs and abilities. Combined with Dakim's library of richly produced, original content, this guarantees an experience that's as enjoyable as it is effective! This software provides the same automated workout and senior-friendly interface as the clinically tested Dakim BrainFitness System, now engineered for your home computer. The software package includes a full 6GB content library.

Price: $209.95

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