Heidi gray Designs - Surtex debut!

Heidi gray designs debuting at SURTEX 2013 on the #644 stand, from 19 to 21 May to NYC Javits Center. Gray incorporates the pleasures of daily life with hand-drawn and painted flowers, foliage, combined with unexpected geometry and watermark color "BOLD" pallets brought to life digitally clean, finished.

Gray may be new for Surtex and licensing, but his creations have already posted on well-known marks for categories such as the baby, household and drinks. "I was excited to bring my passion for model illustration with my knowledge of packaging design, it was a perfect match that excited retailers."

Gray will present a broad portfolio of daily and seasonal designs for packaging gifts, stationery, fabrics and household goods, "I am looking forward to the meeting with manufacturers and connect in person," says Gray.


Heidi gray Designs, LLC is a surface pattern and the studio of design launched in 2012. The owner, artist and designer of Heidi Gray infuses drawn sketches by hand with digital design skills serious. Gray has packaging and branding of 12 years of experience in CPG as designer and Director of design.

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