Spwatches Stainless Steel Material Elegant Design Blue Hybrid Touch Screen LED Watch,COME WITH FREE KEYCHAIN High Class Design, Leather Band, Support Touchscreen

This is an inspired blue LED digital touch screen watch that is very popular all around the world. It is very attractive for its modern design. It would match all of your dressing style perfectly. Gently touch the touch screen to display the time on demand.
* Main Function: Japanese-inspired blue LED digital touch screen watch
* Screen: Circumferential blue and white LED encircling the mouth of The Abyss Lite!
* Bracelet:
- Color: Black
- Material: Snake skin textured leather
- Length: ~ 180 mm with 7 holes for wrist adjustment
* Clasp: Buckled
* Function Button (Touch screen): display and changing hour and minute data
* Settings: Hours, Minutes
package content
1 x Inspired Blue LED Touch Screen Fashion Watch


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