IMI Design Featured in Jetset Magazine

Founded by Anita Lang, IMI Design has been an extraordinarily successful interior design firm.  Located in Scottsdale, Arizona and Tahoe, California, the company has received numerous awards and honors  for their luxury design.  One of the most significant of these is their recent piece in Jetset Magazine.  A popular and respected magazine, Jetset Magazine features the highest quality businesses in areas such as art, aviation, automotives, interior design, and jewelry.  

The feature has increased the attention of an already successful business.  Attracting and hiring the most talented design professionals, people are ecstatic about their award winning designs.  But not only is IMI Design home to the most architecturally brilliant designs in the country, they pride themselves on a client first mentality.  This was touched on in Jetset Magazine’s article stating, “Lang and her team at imi Design constantly stand up for their clients' dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.”  

Along with their incredible design pedigree, IMI Design, also makes it a mission statement to make their luxury designs environmentally friendly.  Being a corporate member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), IMI is incredibly aware of lifestyle costs as well as the need for healthy living spaces.  So, they do everything in there power to reduce as many environmentally taxing effects as possible.

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