European Vintage collection objects - from the Mediterranean to the USA

Born on the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean and living in a House that is over 600 years old, started interest in antiques - childhood, fossils of Felice roaming fields and buried 'treasures' to adults and are walking through the open air on the island, Italy and the United Kingdom markets. Now a resident of Arizona, USA, Felice brought more cartons and cartons of its treasures, which are for sale under the name of FeliceSereno - meaning happy and serene!

Now, she travels the States, looking for art objects, trinkets and other items of interest. It is amusing to him that 'Vintage' is twenty years old and above and "Antique" may be 50 years or more--several of its articles day fro the 1800's and 1900's. What makes her interesting online shop, is the eclectic collection - you never know what you can find! Exquisite jewelry 18 k to handkerchiefs vintage 1920 - by Lolita Lempicka Dior - Rosenthal of Fabergé

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