Women's 100% Thai Silk Robes- Asian Peacock Design- Perfect Teal (Free Size)

CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!! These photos and these listings are Exclusive for Movie Revolution and MR. THAI Brand Products. You WILL NOT receive the same item from ANY OTHER SELLER. Any other seller using these listings are NOT going to send you the same 100% Thai Silk Mr. Thai Brand Name quality items!!! One of our most popular items!!! These are the same 100% Silk Robes sold in specialty shops and boutiques for $50-$60 each. These are the Asian Peacock design and they come in more than 12 different colors. Customers absolutely fall in love with these Silk robes. Includes a matching silk belt and belt loops.

This listing is for the exact item pictured, but many other styles, designs and colors are available. Anything you find that resembles this item is likely a factory replica. They come in a single extra-long Free Size, and can be compared to standard robe sizes 34-48. These items CANNOT be confirmed before shipping, so please be sure you are ordering the correct quantity from the correct listing. These items will ship to you DIRECT from Thailand. Expect 1-2 weeks for expedited delivery. 2-3 weeks for standard delivery. Please make sure you order the color specific listing to insure you get the correct item.

Confirmation e-mails will not be sent, so in order to guarantee you get exactly what you want, please be sure to read the entire description and order your correct color and quantity. (Please feel free to use this listing to order in quantity and select many different colors and designs. Simply notify us by e-mail so that we can confirm all of your particular details before shipping...) These beautiful robes ARE AVAILABLE for International Shipping AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! Contact seller for additional details, discount details and other special arrangements. (for something much more luxurious, please see our listings for 100% Thai Silk Kimonos!!!) Please see our entire inventory of hard-to-find and authentic merchandise from Thailand.

Price: $79.99

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