IMI Design Specializes in Architectural Detailing

An essential component of interior design, architectural detailing is the foundation for aesthetics and functionality.  IMI Design, among other services, are experts in this regard. In terms of functionality, attention to the placement of certain add-ons and accessories can be very beneficial.  For instance, a proper position of a fireplace, can more effectively provide heat to an entire room than an improper placement.  

What makes IMI Design so adept at architectural detailing, is the combining the functionality of something, such as a fireplace, and its aesthetic appeal.  Line, form, and composition are crucial aspects of aesthetic appeal, and IMI Design takes advantage of their attention to add-ons, built-ins, ceilings, fireplaces, and other points of interest.  Furthermore, to enhance the pleasing effect of the created environment, they use only the richest materials.  IMI Designs mindset is that the architectural design and concept of a space is art, and not just a structural decoration.

In addition to architectural detailing, other specialized IMI Design services include pre-construction and remodel planning, soft furnishing, and floor plan analysis.  Their skill has lead them to win multiple awards, and appear as spotlights in several magazines.

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