Wine Stopper - Vacuum Wine Stopper Pump with 2 Wine Bottle Stoppers - Best New Design Wine Saver Vacuum Pump, Wine Preservation System - Top Rated Wine Preserver Pump and Unique Cork Will Seal in the Wine's Complexities and Aroma for Days


The VinoTru Vacuum Wine Stopper with 2 Wine Stoppers

One reason that compels wine drinkers to polish off a bottle of wine after opening it is so that they can fully enjoy the unspoiled taste of the wine. Wine can go to waste when opened and left too long to settle, losing their complexities and aroma. Leave a bottle of wine open and it will suffer under oxidation, which ruins the original taste, kills off alcohol content and can turn the wine sour and flat.

The Benefits of a VinoTru Vacuum Wine Stopper

- The VinoTru vacuum stopper is a popular wine preservation system because of its simplicity and effectiveness.
- Wine connoisseurs mark at most five days worth of extended life for bottles that have our vacuum stoppers.
- Some wines can last more than a week when preserved using this system.
- More effective than other preservation methods like the use of decorative stoppers, pourers and inert gas.
- Our vacuum wine stoppers are affordable and at the same time, provide an adequate protection against oxidation and leakage.
- Our system is the best bargain for wine preservation due to its price, life, and ease of use.

Cleaning the VinoTru Wine Stoppers

Simply rinse the stopper with running water, and the stoppers can be reused for other bottles. Soaping the stopper should be avoided, as the soap particles can affect the wine's taste.

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