Windows dedicated servers

Some features to look for a dedicated server

If we are in the market for windows dedicated servers, there are a few things we want to make sure the company offers, these are things that we need to get the most out of dedicated server.

The most important things we need for windows dedicated servers are the following: a dedicated control panel, Smarter Bundle, Microsoft Expression Web, programming languages installed, database control, and support. If we have all these pieces of the windows dedicated servers will be ready to go and it will be solid for all our programming and web hosting needs.

When we start hosting on our dedicated box we will need to control it, we want a company that offers a control panel such as Parallels Plesk, otherwise we will be responsible for controlling our own server using a blinking dot and a black screen.

With the control panel we will be able to access the file manager, redirects, password protect directories and make custom error pages. This is very convenient to have if we are not a talented server admin, with a control panel we will have control over our server.

If we already know about the next stuff we talked about, however, we do not need to be one to understand this next part. We want to make sure server is setup with the right technical requirements so it can handle anything we throw at it, with libraries of tools like SmarterBundle and Microsoft Expression web, we will get email, log, and stats control, which is critical to some good Windows dedicated servers setup.

The other feature of a proper setup is having unlimited control over databases and programming languages, with  windows dedicated servers we need to have Microsoft SQL databases and have ASP.NET 2.0 & 3.5 installed, depending on the version our website uses. If we have all these things, then our server will be much capable of handling anything we throw at it.

Once we start throwing things at it, we may run into some brick walls, that is why we need a support, and not just email or help ticket support, we need types of support. When server has errors, crashes or has viruses, it may get stumped and have to fix it immediately.

That is not a worst case scenario, this will happen, and when it does, we need to have someone to our Windows dedicated servers. Make sure our web hosting company has round the clock, phone, chat and email support. Also make sure we have a control panel, the proper software and database functions, and support to insure a smooth sailing ride with our new windows dedicated servers.